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July 9, 2020

Andrey Khovratov: everything about the strategist and innovator of our time

The life path of one of the most famous multidisciplinary professional investors and coaches Andrey Khovratov is interesting and multifaceted. The most important thing, according to Andrey, is the presence of incessant, diverse training in his life.

Knowledge is the strength and wealth of any person. 

Today you can find a huge number of examples of how literate people with a progressive mind frame inspire new social experiments and financial feats. Andrey Khovratov is one of them. People from all over the world want to be like him, regardless of status and age, therefore his trainings are successful on all continents of our planet.

From entrepreneurship to the Academy of a Private Investor

Since 1998, Andrey Khovratov has been developing in the structural business as an agent attracting customers, while also training in innovative programs, including private investment courses.

In 2002, Andrey Khovratov graduated from the "School of Money" series workshop. These were the first steps towards large and complex projects. After a year of active teaching, he discovered new talents, trying his hand at the Forex currency market.

The key feature of the expert is the desire for self-improvement.

In 2005, Andrey Khovratov held a seminar related to the creation of investment portfolios, and in the next three years he created a solid system in the field of construction and investment real estate.

In 2007, Andrey Khovratov was included in the presidential structure of a structural business. From this moment in the life of Andrey, a new stage has begun. A year later, a team of like-minded people, which he was able to unite during this time, went to India, where he began large-scale work on the creation of a structural business unit.

Academy of a Private Investor: Implementation Mechanisms

Since 2009, a period of intensive training in exchange trading began. The key areas that occupied Andrey were the Forex currency market, stock exchanges, Masterforex Academy.

But, in 2010, Andrey Khovratov began working as a business and independent coach, educating and inspiring tens of thousands of people.

September 15, 2011 is a special date. It is on this day that Andrey Khovratov created the project available on virtual platforms around the world - Academy of a Private Investor.

Some facts about the Academy:

  • Over 100 000 people were involved in the project from 2002 to 2013.
  • The Academy of a Private Investor revealed the potential of a large number of people who learned everything necessary about investment and investing.
  • The project involves participants from different parts of the world (over 50 countries).

Currently, Andrey Khovratov has created and presented several dozen educational seminars and trainings. The main topics and directions that he wants to convey to his audience carry a great mission - make the world's population financially literate and free.

Andrey Khovratov is an adherent of a special philosophy of wealth. Finance, investment, freedom, the realization of dreams, world peace - this list goes on and on! This is precisely what is laid down in the topics of Andrey Khovratov’s training. All his trainings and seminars represent concentrated information that will go beyond the usual framework.

Money is the most valuable energetically charged material resource. 

By properly managing their finances, people competently arrange their lives and determine their place in this world. Money behavioral strategies are a way of managing resources. Andrey takes all factors into account, introduces students to different techniques and directions.

What is the genius of Andrey Khovratov?

For more than 22 years, Andrey Khovratov has been studying ways of personal and financial  personal development. The uniqueness of the founder of the Academy of a Private Investor is that he is in a constant process of self-improvement.

Developing himself as a person, Andrey reveals his potential and helps transform other people. 

At the Academy of a Private Investor, Andrey Khovratov teaches specific skills in managing your financial assets, which are based on his personal experience.

The key to success is the formation of the right investment mind frame. 

Which is exactly what the coach Andrey Khovratov does. Qualitative transformations are the basis of life! The business coach knows about the secrets of achieving financial success like no one else.

The average age of students at the Academy of a Private Investor is 42. The indicator is really averaged, and it perfectly demonstrates that the path to success is open to anyone at any age.

Andrey Khovratov was able to unleash the potential of over 80 millionaires at different periods of training. His students are residents from 189 countries, 80% of whom became investors and were able to find stable income schemes for themselves..

Since its launch in 2011, the Academy of a Private Investor gathered over 1,4 million registered users with over 1 million getting the "8 rules of Wealth" starting course, over 300 thousand clients regularly participate in systematic webinars and trainings, study using video courses and at live conferences.

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