CRUHistory of CRYPTOUNIT’s creation

History of CRYPTOUNIT’s creation

Over 100 000 people from 35 countries completed basic training in the Academy of a Private Investor


On 15.09.2011 of an Online Educational project “ACADEMY OF A PRIVATE INVESTOR” was launched. Author and Creator of the project – Khovratov Andrey Fedorovich. From 15.09.2011 to 01.10.2014, over 100 000 people from 35 countries completed basic training in the Academy of a Private Investor.

Goals and tasks of the Academy of a Private Investor:

  • Introducing Financial and Investment literacy to the population of the planet
  • Providing the best knowledge in the Fields of Saving and Multiplying capital with huge benefits to our listeners
  • Creating Qualified Investors, who will aim to finance the real sector of the economy and Innovative technologies.

We gave our listeners the opportunity to invest in the most profitable and the safest Investment Instruments on the Investment market.

Over 3,5 years over 1000 Students graduated, who, thanks to the knowledge obtained at the Academy and using it in practice, managed to create their businesses with the most profitable and investment attractive strategies.

Innovative training program based on training by the Academy of a Private Investor

About the “CryptoUnit” program

The “CryptoUnit” project (CRU) is an innovative training program based on training from the Academy of a Private Investor, created to enable anyone, even with minimal funds, to acquire up-to-date knowledge on investing and personal finance management and become a co-owner of the Global Portfolio operating in 20 market segments and sectors, and which includes the most profitable and promising enterprises on the planet.

The author of the idea and initiator of the creation of the CryptoUnit program and the Global Portfolio is a professional multidisciplinary investor-millionaire with more than 20 years of experience, Andrey Khovratov. The main dream of the ideological mastermind is to create a New Economic Evolution of the World – a model of a fair economy where each person, being the owner of enterprises that they themselves use, live in wealth, peace and prosperity.


The registration counter in our system does not stop for a minute… and in March 2020 it stepped over the figure.

To ensure reliability, stability, security and scalability, the CryptoUnit program is based on the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

  • Since 15.01.2020 all records of storage and monitoring of completed CRU transactions have been transferred to the international public blockchain Ethereum. From this moment on, 100% safety of information about issued CRUs and operations carried out with them has been ensured.
  • On 3 June 2020 the CRYPTOUNIT blockchain was launched, ensuring transactions without commissions and complete synchronization of Personal Account data with the CRYPTOUNIT blockchain.

Link to your account on the blockchain is available in the “Portfolio” section of your CRU Personal Account.



30 March 2019

  • Start of the “CryptoUnit” program
  • The pre-opening of the project is divided into 8 stages, which will take place during the first 6-12 months (from 31.03.2019 to 31.03.2020). 30 billion CRU will be issued

3 April 2019

  • Transition to the 2 stage

1 May 2019

  • Transition to the 3 stage

8 May 2019

  • Accrual of the first loyalty program bonuses

1 June 2019

  • Transition to the 4 stage

1 July 2019

  • Transition to the 5 stage

1 August 2019

  • Transition to the 6 stage

1 September 2019

  • Transition to the 7 stage

1 November 2019

  • Transition to stage 8.1

13 November 2019

  • First accrual of the Profi-Bonus

1 December 2019

  • Transition to stage 8.2


8 January 2020

  • Transition to the second part of program development.
  • Term 8–17 months (until 01.10.2020). Additional emission of 20 billion CRU.

15 January 2020

  • Access to the Ethereum blockchain
  • From this moment on, 100% safety of information about issued CRUs and operations carried out with them has been ensured.

9 March 2020

  • Internal exchange of CRU launched

4 May 2020

  • Staking of unblocked CRU points launched

3 June 2020

  • CRYPTOUNIT blockchain launched


  • Global merchandising of the “CryptoUnit” program.
  • Formation of “GloMeraCru” from 01.10.2019 to 01.10.2024 – 01.10.2028

Today, thanks to the joint work of the capital of partners, the Global Portfolio includes companies operating in 20 segments and sectors of the investment market. Below is a list of the most promising ones. We interviewed representatives of some of them, which you can also find below.


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