CRUHistory of CRYPTOUNIT’s creation

History of CRYPTOUNIT’s creation

Over 100 000 people from 35 countries completed basic training in the Academy of a Private Investor


On 15.09.2011 of an Online Educational project “ACADEMY OF A PRIVATE INVESTOR” was launched. Author and Creator of the project – Khovratov Andrey Fedorovich. From 15.09.2011 to 01.10.2014, over 100 000 people from 35 countries completed basic training in the Academy of a Private Investor. The portfolio, created in April of 2011, showed growth of 2 500% by 01.10.2014. Initial investments into the creation of the Academy of a Private Investor Project were 1500$. By 01.10.2014, the portfolio consisted of over 85 instruments in 12 segments of the investment market and surpassed 390 000$.

Goals and tasks of the Academy of a Private Investor:

  • Introducing Financial and Investment literacy to the population of the planet
  • Providing the best knowledge in the Fields of Saving and Multiplying capital with huge benefits to our listeners
  • Creating Qualified Investors, who will aim to finance the real sector of the economy and Innovative technologies.

We gave our listeners the opportunity to invest in the most profitable and the safest Investment Instruments on the Investment market.

Over 3,5 years over 1000 Students graduated, who, thanks to the knowledge obtained at the Academy and using it in practice, managed to create their businesses with the most profitable and investment attractive strategies, while also getting the possibility of additional Investing with the best profits.

Over the last 5 years no company in the World that works on the Investment-education services market could produce a similar result


On 01.10.2014, the SWIG Fund was opened to Support the SkyWay Project – Yunitskiy’s String Transport. The goal and task of the Fund was and is stable financing of the Experimental Innovative platform for the sale of SkyWay technologies around the world. From 01.10.2014 to 30.03.2019, the SWIG funds managed to give over 40 000 000$ to the company. In total, SkyWay received over 70 million $ from several similar funds for the construction of ECOTECHNOPARK in the Republic of Belarus in Maryina Gorka. By 30.03.2019 the company presented 5 innovative vehicles and 4 lines using SkyWay technology.

Capitalization of SkyWay was over 5 billion $, which means a capital growth over 5 years of over 3% per day, over 100% per month, over 1200% per year, and over the whole period – over 5 000% since 10.05.2014.

On 01.10.2014, 26 000$ was invested to open the SWIG fund, and on 30.03.2019 the SWIG Investment Portfolio, which also included the Academy of a Private Investor Portfolio, amounted to 11 500 000 $. This means that since the fund’s opening capital growth amounted to over 26% per day, over 780% per month, 9360% per year and over 43 000% over the whole period of the Fund’s work from 01.10.2014 to 30.03.2019.

Which is why from 30.03.2019 we launched the CRYPTOUNIT Program Project, which provides the opportunity to become a co-owner, shareholder of the Global Investment Fund, which works in all segments and sectors of the investment market


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